BATVISION – VR Experience

Experience the world as a bat

BATVISION immerses you in the perception of a bat and makes their echolocation visible. The VR headset visualizes the bat’s sonar in a way that is understandable to us. Surrounded by complete darkness, the virtual world becomes visible only through your own scream. BATVISION uses immersive technologies to make knowledge not only comprehensible, but also physically experienced. This VR experience sensitizes us to disappearing habitats and an endangered species.

BATVISION VR Experience – Trailer

Experiential Learning

Learn and feel what it’s like to perceive the world in a foreign body.

Screaming to see.

Playful, educational, immersive

Interactive experience with playful learning and unique entertainment for all ages.


from 10 persons, duration 1 h, from CHF 300*

Our Lunch and Learn offer provides inspiration through a change of perspective and knowledge transfer about tech news and sustainable design, as well as playful interactive activities during lunch to foster creativity and engagement of participants (remote or on-site possible).

from 10-30 persons, duration from 1h, from CHF 900*

Our BATVISION Event Package is a highlight for any event. We give a lecture (in German or English) about bats, design, environmental protection, and virtual reality and offer the opportunity to try out the BATVISION VR experience. As part of a team event, a playful team challenge is also possible. We offer flexible durations and our event package can be provided anywhere in Switzerland. It can also be held outdoors or at our location after individual agreement.

from 20 persons, duration: from 4h, from CHF 2300*

Our BATVISION Experience booth offers a playful, fun, and educational attraction for visitors of all ages. An insect challenge, unusual sounds, and extraordinary movements also activate the audience and are entertaining to observe. Upon request, we can equip the stand with background information about the project.

Persons individually, duration from 3 months, price on request

Our BATVISION Exhibition Module offers a playful and immersive visitor attraction for all ages. The experience focuses on topics such as environmental and animal protection, noise pollution, perception, and personal reflection, and can be easily supervised without prior knowledge of virtual reality. We support the integration into the exhibition concept (guides, events, workshops, etc.) as well as on-site installation, personnel training, and device procurement (Meta Quest 2).

from 8 persons, duration 2h, from CHF 1500*

Our workshops offer training on extended reality (VR, MR, AR), explain the state of the technology, and provide the opportunity to try out several devices themselves. The transfer exercises to the personal workday and the playful interactive elements promote team spirit and offer a break from everyday life. Suitable for all generations.

from 20 persons, duration: 2h, price on request*

In collaboration with the University of Zurich, we have developed an interactive workshop focusing on perspective change and sufficiency around the theme of sustainability. With inputs, discussions, trying out the VR headset, and targeted exercises, the format is suitable for 10-30 people to discuss more sustainable lifestyles and solutions together.

from 10 persons, duration: from 2h, price: on request

Together with afca, we have developed a theme event around the metaverse, showing the possibilities of extended reality (virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality) and presenting various application examples. It becomes clear how the technology can be integrated into practice and what potential lies in the implementation.

* Price changes subject to change, all offers excluding expenses, excluding VAT, personalized offers on request.

Detail information

Information about the offers

No prior knowledge is required for the VR experience, and the interactions are child’s play (shouting, moving arms). The experience is recommended for ages 6 and up. It is available in German, English, and French and addresses environmental protection, noise pollution, perception, and personal reflection. A space of 2×2 m is required per VR station, and 2-3 stations are typical. Except for the exhibition module, we provide all equipment. A power outlet, a table, and a projector, depending on the offer, are the only necessary infrastructure.


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a bat?

Exhibition History

2023 ISEA – International Symposium on Electronic Art Ausstellung Paris Frankreich laufend
2023 Naturama Aargau Ausstellung Aarau Schweiz laufend
2022 Noctalis, Fledermaus-Zentrum Ausstellung Bad Segeberg Deutschland laufend
2022 Natur-Museum Luzern Ausstellung Zürich Schweiz fertig
2021 Stiftung Fledermausschutz Schweiz @ Zoo Zürich Ausstellung Zürich Schweiz laufend
2021 NIFFF Ausstellung Neuchatel Schweiz fertig
2020 Refresh @ ZHdK Ausstellung Zürich Schweiz fertig

Award History

2022 Award «Best Talk“, GSGS Genf
2021 Selected Business Incubator «What’s next Project», ZHdK Zürich
2021 Grant «First Ventures», Gebert Rüf Foundation Basel
2020 Selected “Junior Research in Design”, ZHdK Zurich
2020 Nomination «Förderpreis Diplome», ZHdK Zürich
2019 Winner NIFFF “Future Storyworlds” at CERN Genf

Media History

2022 BATVISION @ Kika, ARD/ZDF Deutschland
2021 Somebodyelse @ FH News Schweiz
2021 Somebodyelse @ Hochparterre Schweiz
2020 BATVISION @ Report SRF Tagesschau Schweiz
2020 BATVISION @ Dezeen Grossbritannien
2020 BATVISION @ Digitaltag Schweiz Schweiz

VR makes it personal

Knowledge transfer and awareness-raising

BATVISION is our interpretation of perception. The experience is a way to directly convey knowledge and raise awareness for endangered species. In addition, virtual reality has the potential to touch people personally. When experiencing an event on your own body in a playful way, you become aware of your subjective perception again. Our goal is to influence people’s actions sustainably through an experience.

We combine the areas of design, technology, biology, sustainability, social change, fun, and entertainment in a transdisciplinary project. Thanks to our partners, we have been able to use BATVISION in countless contexts and have received positive feedback and insights. These motivate us to think about further applications of the perspective shift between humans and nature.

We at Somebodyelse are continuously developing BATVISION and are excited to share our progress and other projects on